Aries weekly 28 to 3 tarot reading october 2019

With regards to love, today carries average auspices.

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Money: Close. With regards to money aspects, today carries great auspices. Health: Close.

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With regards to health aspects, today carries some good auspices. Do's for Aries October 10 Don'ts for Aries October 10 Aries Tomorrow You are seeking entertainment and you might not be at fault to do so but your problem is that you are seeking fun and adventure in the wrong places. Aries October 11 You are quite playful this Friday but I can't say whether it is the weekend or your unconscious decision to take more advantage of your emotions and be happier.

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A wonderful purging process that leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any new challenges is working for you today. This is a period of self-evaluation, to think about your wrongdoings and mistakes, and you will finally be released of your guilt and sorrow about the past. This is the time to take fresh decisions. You may find comfort in sharing your experiences with others and in healing within a group environment.

October 's Blood Moon: Charmed & Lucky | Astrology Answers

An end to a period of turmoil and problems is on the card. It could be a most fruitful and positive day.


You can take a sigh of relief, it may be difficult to let go of the past at times but you will soon see how important it is so that you can bring renewal and transformation into your life. If you resist these necessary endings, you may experience pain, both emotionally and physically. You understand crying over the split milk has no weight age.


So allow more constructive patterns to emerge. You may owe money to someone today. Friend in need may ask some financial help from you or you just spend some money in charity and welfare activities. Debts, bank accounts, loans and other fiscal documents should be updated and taken care of. In relationship you will be magnanimous and generous and look after your loved ones with great care.

Hello Aries!!! You feel young and energetic.

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