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Credit card number. CVC is for the 3- or 4-digit number on the back of your card. Email address. Use Credit Card. Or, use PayPal. Free by email:. Also remain mindful of how you interpret what others say about you. They want to surround themselves with the best and loveliest of things. Even with this, the house will never be exactly tidy. Your best connections for love are with 5s , 6s , and 9s. The five offers a strong social connection, the 6 gives 3 greater stability and the 9 provides endless opportunities to go and see and DO these two are very much gypsy souls. No matter what, do not take a job that isolates you from others.

That will drive you to distraction and depression. The Empress symbolizes good perspectives, a strong inner-voice, excellent work ethics, and even true love. These are characteristics that bundle into the 3 archetype perfectly. When I first started learning all about Numerology I was amazed at the accuracy also! But, once I started diving into the sacred meaning of numbers I began to love numbers!

I am amazed at how accurate this number 3 is for me in ALL areas. I believe our Christian community is going to encounter a spiritual awareness like never before. Thank you for this awesome insight. You are most welcome! I had to look it up. IMHO, just about all religions are awakening more and more every day. Hi I am a number 3 but it does not resonate with me. I hardly spend money on myself and is more of an introvert. I have few good friends.

I am not a very social person.. So number 3 interpretation left me little confused.. Are you sure you did the math correctly? Here is an excellent article about numerology calculations. This is sooooo accurate! Can you talk about it a bit? Is it a coincidence? Thankyou for sharing your Life plan meanings. Look out Your email address will not be published.

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In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Kathleen says: I am amazed how accurate the 3 reading and 6 life path i enjoy. I love it! August 15, at pm Reply.

Numerology : Birth Day 2, 11, 20, 29

Bernadette King says: Hello, Kathleen! Love, Bernadette. August 16, at pm Reply. Irma says: I am amazed at how accurate this number 3 is for me in ALL areas. September 2, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hi, Irma; You are most welcome! Thanks for visiting BuildingBeautifulSouls. Amy says: Hi I am a number 3 but it does not resonate with me.

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November 17, at am Reply. Bernadette King says: Hello, Amy; Are you sure you did the math correctly?

Influence of the Archangels on 12:12

Hope that helps. November 23, at pm Reply. Carmen says: This is sooooo accurate! March 6, at pm Reply.

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